Foundation Mini-Grants


Bair Playground Fund 

Application opens January 6, 2020 and closes on March 16, 2020

Award Amount: $10,000

In 2007, Harley and Shirley Bair established the Bair Playground Endowment Fund to provide annual funds to update and renovate playgrounds at elementary schools in the LPS district. School playgrounds provide students with opportunities for physical and social development and build strong, safe neighborhoods. These funds are provided to upgrade, replace and repair playgrounds and equipment to increase students' experiences and to promote healthy children through exercise. Criteria: Any LPS elementary school can apply for this annual grant by providing a description of the project, the benefits of the upgrade, and an outline of the budget. Applications will be reviewed by the selection committee, which includes a representative from physical education and facilities and maintenance as well as the Wellness Coordinator. All selections will require approval from the LPS Facilities and Maintenance Department. Each year, the application process will begin in January with selections being made by March so renovations can take place over the summer.


Carmel Sheppard Mini-Grant

Application opens February 3, 2020 and closes March 30, 2020

Award Amount:  Will not exceed $1,500

Carmel Sheppard was passionate about equity in academic and social experiences for all students and their families. She was committed to increasing success and graduation opportunities for her students and the caring involvement of adults in students' lives. Carmel embraced every adult as a partner in student success. She was a true champion of all children.

To continue her legacy, the Foundation and the Lincoln Community Learning Centers have developed mini-grant opportunities to support the Community Response and Family Engagement efforts through the CLCs. The proposed grants will support opportunities for family engagement that are linked to learning, build capacity of all family members and promote opportunities for connection and sense of belonging.


  • The site will have demonstrated capacity to implement the proposal
  • The proposal will clearly articulate how the six protective factors are being addressed
  • The proposed family engagement opportunities are linked to learning, build capaicty and are developmental in nature
  • A plan for sustained family engagement and leadership is outlined
  • A plan for evaluation of key outcomes is provided
  • A detailed budget is outlines

Inspire School Award

Application opens November 18, 2019 and closes on January 7, 2020

Award Amount: $5,000

This award was established to recognize a school in the district which has achieved the best overall performance for recognition. 

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Sue and Roger Kirby Science Enhancement Fund

Application opens September 4, 2019 and closed November 4, 2019

Award Amount:  $200 - $2,000

Do you have a great idea for a research project? Maybe you want to take your students on a scientific adventure or learn something new about the world of science through hands-on activities. Whatever your reason, the Sue and Roger Kirby Science Enhancement Fund is a way to bring your idea to life.


This fund finances student research projects, as proposed by teachers. Applications need to include a concrete outline including a title, brief description of the project, one to three goals, and the research method. A minimum of $200 and maximum of $1,000 may be awarded.

The fund also provides a $150 stipend to faculty who work with the students on a funded project. In return, the faculty advisor is expected to hold regular mentoring sessions through the course of the project to encourage, motivate and guide students through the process.


Application has closed for Sue and Roger Kirby Science Enhancement Fund

Todd Francis Creative Research Scholarship Award

Application opens September 4, 2019 and closes November 4, 2019

Award Amount:  $200 - $500

The Todd Francis Creative Research Scholarship Award was initiated in 1991 as a memorial to Todd Francis's passion for science, language and the humanities. More than 90 projects have been funded, benefiting more than 200 students and 30 faculty members. Support will be provided to projects that stimulate creativity and involve actions that benefit society. 


Students are encouraged to think of a topic, do preliminary research and develop a budget. Once a plan is developed, the student will coordinate with a faculty member to edit the proposal and submit an application.

Application has closed for Todd Francis Creative Research Scholarship Award

Victor Vaughan Special Project Grant

Application opens September 9, 2019 and closes November 18, 2019

Award Amount:  $3,150

Larry and Ruth Vaughan established this fund in 1990 in memory of their son, Victor. Victor showed persistence in developing his talents and skills in the Lincoln Public Schools, which allowed him to succeed as a member of the 84th Army Band in Europe after his graduation from Lincoln High School in 1963.


Any LPS teacher who need financial assistance to carry out a special project of a creative nature or that would help many special education students.

Application has closed for Victor Vaughan Special Project Grant


LHS Howard G. Cook Fund for Automotive Technology

Application is open year-round

Award Amount:  $1,000

The LHS Howard G. Cook Fund for Automotive Technology was established by Barbara Rino in honor of her father, a mechanic, Howard G. Cook. The award is intended to provide tuition assistance to students seeking a career in automotive technology or the automotive industry. The award amount will depend on the number of classes the selected student is enrolled to complete. The number of students receiving assistance will be determined each year, depending on available funds.


To be eligible, students must plan to attend the automotive career pathway program at Lincoln High School, plan to enroll in or take dual-credit Advanced Auto LPS Courses, be in good academic standing, have good attendance, and show financial need.


Know Your Neighbor Study Tours

Application is open year-round

Award Amount:  Covers up to 75% cost of a language immersion trip


Students are encouraged to apply for this scholarship, which may cover up to 75% of the cost of a language immersion trip planned through Xperitas. Awards are based on need and are subject to trip eligibility as outlined in the Xperitas trip brochure. For questions about eligibility, contact the LPS World Language Office at 402-436-1814.