Through our Fund-A-Need program, your gifts make incredible opportunities for students by funding field trips outside the classroom, by providing technology to teach students with creative approaches and meeting classroom needs in many other ways. Anyone can make a difference today.


How It Works

The Fund-A-Need program is a unique way to connect our generous community with the teachers and students in need. Teachers submit proposals for the needs in their classrooms that tax dollars can’t cover—these needs can range from new textbooks to a field trip to the Henry Doorley Zoo to musical instruments. We post the needs on our website and Facebook page so donors like you can give to the areas of greatest need in our district.

Fund-A-Need receives and reviews proposals from Lincoln Public Schools teachers who want their students to have an experience for which the school does not offer funding.


Now’s your chance! You can directly impact students by meeting their classroom needs.
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Have a classroom need? Fill out a one-page online form describing your need and the cost to make it happen. (Include 7.25% sales tax if you or the Foundation for Lincoln Public Schools will make the purchase.)

Questions? Shoot an email to Gary Reber at the Foundation for LPS.

Use these examples to help you write your proposal. Also see TOOLKIT for other information.


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Farm to Table

McPhee Elementary School

We would love to take our first graders to East Campus to explore how food is grown and how it gets to us! We read about how some food goes from farm to table, but we would love for students to be able to experience the world of agriculture and see how tractors work and how they've changed! We would also go to the Dairy Store and see how ice cream and cheese are made! This is a wonderful hands-on experience for our scholars at McPhee that would allow them to make real-world connections between text and real life, and also how farmers help us every day!

  • Stephanie Martinez

    Stephanie Martinez

    First grade teacher

We have raised $0.00 of our goal.


Family Art Night

McPhee Elementary School

Our students are lucky to have an art education provided through Lincoln Public Schools and we want to build upon the foundation they receive. We would like to provide an opportunity for all McPhee families to create art together through a Family Arts Night. Families will be invited to school to use underglaze to paint with their child on their very own mug. Much like the ceramic painting businesses in Lincoln, this opportunity will be free for students who may otherwise never get to enjoy this experience.

This experience will raise our community’s awareness for the arts and our many partnerships between school and families. Supplies include enough mugs for each individual student, K-5, to participate in McPhee Family Arts Night and will be purchased through a locally owned business.

  • Megan Muller

    Megan Muller

    Art specialist

We have raised $115.00 of our goal.


Let's Play Soccer!

Irving Middle School

I am seeking donations to provide funds to help low-income students, mostly refugee students, play soccer.

Another teacher and I began working with a small group of students and their families two years ago. Our first Fund-a-Need gave 10 students the opportunity to play soccer. Each season the need has grown and this season I would like to raise enough money to provide registration for 43 students to play soccer through the YMCA. The YMCA generously provides a 50 percent discount for these students. The students and their families are from Nigeria, Iraq, Jordan, Thailand, The Ivory Coast and Mexico. All of the students have a place on a team's roster, two female teams and six male teams, the age range is: 10-17 years old. Students attend Prescott, Irving, Park, Culler, Schoo, Lincoln High, Northeast, Southeast and East.

It is an amazing opportunity for the students to be a part of a team, learn leadership skills and to be active.

  • Alicia Daniel

    Alicia Daniel

    Reading intervention teacher

We have raised $3,723.00 of our goal.


Free Libraries

East High School

In an effort to support literacy and a love of reading, East High students and staff will research Lincoln's high-density/low-income neighborhoods and begin building bridges with those neighborhoods as we set out to build Little Free Libraries for them. Our goal this year is to establish and support one Little Free Library, and provide 200 new books for the library, with plans of adding two or three more Little Free Libraries in the near future.

Fund-a-Need contributions will pay for building materials (Little Free Libraries cost between $200 and $400, depending on materials and design), books (each library will be supplied with 200 books, 40 of which will be available in the structure at any time), food for public events, and money for the creation of promotional materials. Students will be involved in all stages of the project -- researching poverty and local populations, building the structures, beautifying the structure, interviewing elementary students within the neighborhoods, selecting the books, and providing brochures, food and entertainment in the neighborhoods as we work with them.

  • Jane Holt

    Jane Holt


We have raised $1,480.00 of our goal.