Honor Roll Society

Champions of high-quality educational opportunities for all of Lincoln's kids.

Honor Roll Society members believe that all students should have what they need to reach their full potential—in academics and in life. That means taking education beyond "reading, writing and arithmetic" and providing innovative solutions to the ever-evolving educational needs of today's kids.

As a member of the Honor Roll Society, you'll share a common goal to positively impact Lincoln Public Schools. And as a champion of our school system, you'll help ensure a high-quality education for all of Lincoln's kids.

Become a Member

Today's kids need more—more technology, more encouragement to stay active, more exposure to emerging career fields, and more help to pursue higher education. We can't meet those needs without your support.

Your membership in the Honor Roll Society provides life-changing opportunities to the 42,011 students in LPS by supporting...

  • Strong, Stable Families with programs like the Student Emergency Fund, so kids can stay focused on learning.
  • Beyond the Classroom experiences, like Los Mariachis de la Ciudad Estrella, that help kids identify and develop new skills and interests.
  • Next-Level Learning programs, like Spark Summer Camp, that bring education to life.
  • College and Career preparation, like the hands-on skill-building at The Career Academy or scholarships for graduating seniors.

Opportunities for learning and involvement abound for Honor Roll Society members.

Dean's List: $250
 • Learn about and support projects important to you.
 • Annual communications from LPS superintendent, Dr. Steve Joel.
 • Invitations to special events.
 • Small group learning opportunities.

Cum Laude: $500
All of the above and
 • volunteer opportunities facilitated by the Foundation.

Magna Cum Laude: $1,000
All of the above and
 • behind-the-scenes tour of LPS schools/facilities facilitated by the Foundation.

Summa Cum Laude: $2,500
All of the above and
 • serve as Principal for a Day at the school of your choice.

Valedictorian: $5,000
All of the above and
 • a private lunch with Dr. Joel.

Become a Member

If you would prefer to pledge your donation, please contact the Foundation at support@foundationforlps.org or 402-436-1612.

Current Members

Nikki Archer

Pamela Baker

Patrick and Ellen Beans

Bryant and Stephanie Bone

Randall and Jan Bretz

Eric Buchanan

Robert and Billie Bussmann

Mary Campbell

Richard and Ginna Claussen

Susan and Adam Crotteau

Nick and Ann Cusick

John and Susan Dittman

Jill and Donald Everett

Leslie A. Gibbens and Brian Hefner

Judy and Jeffrey Greenwald

Patti Harney and Jim Gregoline

Adam and Heidi Hayes

Sabrina Hellbusch and Ted Reinwald

Barbara J. Jacobson

Valerie and Will Jones

Andy and Katie Kafka

Lillie and Max Larsen

Andrew and Anne Loudon

Austin McKillip

Britta and Jacob Muhleisen

James and Takako Olson

Shirley Peng

Lisa and Robert Rauner

Judy and William Roper

Curtis and Megan Ruwe

Susan and David Shamblin

Jessica and Trent Sidders

Tawnya Starr and Jay Wilkinson

Carrie and Layne Sup

Jeffery and Cindy Yost