Travis Berry Outstanding Lincoln High Educator Award

Award Amount: $6,000

Created in 2017 by Travis Berry, a product of the Lincoln Public Schools system and specifically its teachers, this award will recognize a Lincoln High School Teacher who consistently exhibits the qualities, over and above the call of duty, that inspire his/her students and teaching colleagues alike and who does not seek special recognition for doing so.

Who is Eligible

This award will go to a top Lincoln High educator each year (any 9-12 classroom teacher, counselors, substitute teachers or para-educators).  No self nominations allowed. 

Nominating Process

Nominations may be submitted by any individual or group

Nominees will demonstrate the follow attributes:

1. Builds strong relationships with students.

2. Is a team player, motivates his or her colleagues by example, and exhibits professionalism.

3. Continues to learn.

4. Engages students.

5. Partners with families.

6. Goes above and beyond the minimum requirements.

7. Motivates and inspires high levels of learning. 


The nominations will be received through the Foundation educator award process. The Lincoln High principal will form a selection committee to recommend the top three (3) to the Foundation Scholarship & Awards selection committee.  Lincoln High School committee can include but is not limited to Travis Berry, Lincoln High Students, teachers and staff, and district officials.  The Foundation selection committee will make final decision on recipient.