Carmel Sheppard Mini-Grant

Established by Carmel Sheppard in 2008 to provide funding for existing or proposed CLC sites in Lincoln. The award will be between $1,000 and $1,500 annually.

Nomination Due: TBA

Bair Playground Fund

In 2007, Harley and Shirley Bair established the Bair Playground Endowment fund to provide annual funds to update and renovate playgrounds at Lincoln Public Elementary Schools. School playgrounds provide students with opportunities for physical and social development and build strong and safe neighborhoods. These funds are provided to upgrade, replace and repair playgrounds and equipment to increase student’s experiences and to promote healthy children through exercise. Any Lincoln Public "K-5" School can apply for this annual grant through this application process that will include a description of the benefits of the playground upgrade including a budget for the process. The applications will be reviewed by a Foundation for Lincoln Public Schools committee to include a Physical Education specialist, a representative from Facilities & Maintenance as well as the Wellness Coordinator, and a final selection made. All selections will require an approval from LPS Facilities and Maintenance Department. Applications will be posted in January and selected by March of each year so that renovations can be completed over the summer months.

Applications open in January, Selections in March 2017


Sue and Roger Kirby Science Enhancement Fund

Do you have an awesome idea for a research project? Maybe you want to take your students on a scientific adventure, or learn something new about the world of science through hands-on activities! Whatever your reason, the Sue and Roger Kirby Science Enhancement Fund is a way to make this passion happen.  For the first time in 2017, this fund will also support faculty with students who are awarded with a stipend.  In return, the faculty advisor is expected to hold regular mentoring sessions over the course of the project to encourage, motivate and guide students through the process.

This fund finances research projects (minimum grant of $200 and maximum grant of $1000), proposed by teachers. Be ready with a concrete outline, including a title, a brief description of the project, 1-3 goals, and a research method.

This application will close on October 20, 2017.


Todd Francis Creative Research Scholarship Awards

The Todd Francis Creative Research Scholarship Awards were initiated in 1991 as a memorial to Todd Francis's passion in science, language, and the humanities. Over 11 years, 80 projects have been funded, involving over 200 students and 27 faculty members. Support will be provided for projects that stimulate creativity, and involve actions that benefit society. 

Students are encouraged to think about a topic, do preliminary research, and develop a budget (maximum is negotiable, and typically in the range of $200 - $500). The proposal will be discussed with the student's faculty advisor, who will make some changes and send the form to the selection committee!

This application will close on October 20, 2017.