Helen Krieger Outstanding Healthcare Provider Award

Award Amount: $1,000

The Helen Krieger Outstanding Healthcare Provider Award was developed to recognize a healthcare provider who has made a significant contribution to the lives of students and families by providing excellence in healthcare and healthcare education. Mrs. Krieger, a former registered nurse, school nurse, and healthcare provider and educator with the Head Start Program, formed strong and productive relationships with co-workers and children in fulfilling her caring mission of meeting healthcare needs and improving healthcare education. Jim and Penny Krieger created this award, which includes a stipend, to honor Helen Krieger and her dedication to youth in our community.

Who is Eligible

Any certified or licensed LPS nurse is eligible to receive this award. The Helen Krieger Award may be received more than once during tenure with LPS.

Criteria for the Helen Krieger Award

Selection of the recipient for the award will be based on a significant contribution to students’ and our family’s lives by meeting healthcare needs or positively impacting healthcare education in his or her school, the entire school system, or the community at large.

Nominating Process

Nominations may be submitted by any individual or group

Selection Committee

Supervisor, Health Services and committee, and approved by the Foundation for Lincoln Public Schools.

Nomination Deadline

Nominations Closed