R. L. Fredstrom Leadership Award

Award Amount: $1,000

An annual award given to recognize outstanding leadership or potential for leadership in the Lincoln Public Schools. A $1,000 award will be given to the recipient for use in their further professional growth and development.

The award is in honor of Rudy Fredstrom, a long-time Nebraska teacher and administrator, who served as assistant superintendent of Lincoln Public Schools from 1951-1975 and was life-long leader in education. His message each time he visited students at Fredstrom Elementary School was “never quit learning.” He personified that message and it is fitting that the award be given to a person who also will continue to learn and refine their skills in the area of serving education through leadership.

Upon the death of Dr. Fredstrom in 1997, memorial funds were used to begin this fund. The Fredstrom family plans to continue this annual award.

Who is Eligible:

The R. L. Fredstrom Leadership Award is a means of recognizing those Lincoln Public Schools teachers or coordinators who have shown outstanding leadership qualities or have demonstrated the potential to become an outstanding educational leader.


Selection of the award recipient will be based on outstanding leadership or potential for leadership as determined by:

  • Commitment – has students and learning as primary focus.
  • Learner – has shown dedication to learning and improvement as a professional.
  • Relationships – has demonstrated positive relationships in dealing with staff members as well as students and parents.
  • Leadership – has exhibited the ability to positively lead other staff members in ways that influence the students.
  • Service – has demonstrated their commitment to educational excellence both within and beyond their current sphere of responsibility.
  • Approval – has the approval and support of this recommendation of his or her immediate supervisor.

Nominating Process:

Nominations may be submitted by any LPS teacher or administrator.


Selection committee will consist of the Director of Staff Development and Director of Leadership Program, in coordination with representatives of the Fredstrom family or their designees (if available).