Homeless Student Fund

In less than a year, over $8,000 was distributed to families to prevent homelessness or help families who found themselves needing homeless assistance. Our funds are almost gone, and the need is great—help us ensure that ALL students come to school ready to learn.

District-Wide Fund

Did you know that over 500 families in Lincoln Public Schools are homeless each year? With just over 46% of LPS students living at or below the poverty line, unexpected expenses can be devastating. Fixing that flat tire is sometimes a choice between having transportation so a parent can get to work or paying the rent. Many families make hard choices like these about basic needs: housing, clothing, food, warmth. Choices that affect students’ ability to focus and be successful, and carry life-long implications.


Our Homeless Student Funds are almost gone, and we need generous donors to help. Find out how you can make the difference for a family who is struggling.

Give here or contact us at 402-436-1612.