Inspire Possibilities.....with Hannah Huston!

Real change starts with you.

As a teacher of early elementary education, Hannah Huston understands this. Because giving kids a chance to reach their full potential takes a community. Making sure all kids have that chance is one reason Hannah is donating a portion of the proceeds from her concert to the LPS Early Childhood Fund for Excellence. This fund will support students in need who are involved in LPS early childhood education programs. And that makes a difference to young students all over Lincoln.

From classroom supplies to diapers, formula, clothing and even birth certificates for families who can't afford them, this fund will support students and families in need with young children. Because at Lincoln Public Schools, ALL really does mean ALL - and every child deserves the opportunities that lead to academic and personal success.  That is what the Foundation for Lincoln Public Schools is all about - and lifting students higher lifts our community higher.

What better gift could Hannah - and you - give than to support a young child who will become a part of our community, and part of our future?

We care about making a difference in the lives of all students. Because challenges facing students go way beyond the school day. Through the generosity of our donors - people just like you -  we are able to invest in students by providing life-changing opportunities and inspiring possibilities. Your gift helps students expand their knowledge beyond the classroom, acquire skills, think critically and build our community's next generation of leaders and do-ers.


Give to the LPS Early Education Fund for Excllence Below!