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Educator and School Resources

Supporting educators is one of our top priorities. The following avenues are available for teachers and administrators to apply for additional funding so that kids have more opportunities to reach their full potential.

  • Please submit a Request for Funds for money from your Fund for Excellence as well as any school funds at the Foundation for Lincoln Public Schools.

  • The Foundation for Lincoln Public Schools administers financial assistance for the modest and emergency needs of disadvantaged and low-income students. All public school students attending LPS are eligible for assistance. Applications for expenditure of funds may be made only by Lincoln Public Schools principals.

  • The Stuart Elliott Student Assistance Fund was established in 2021 in an effort to help all students reach their full potential. Funds may cover the cost of students getting involved in enrichment activities or pursuing additional educational opportunities because the monetary cost is a barrier to their participation.

  • Please submit a Fund a Need Request for Funds whenever you use the money you raised through your successful Fund a Need campaign.

  • Our classroom crowdfunding platform, Fund a Need, connects teachers to individuals in our community that want support special projects in our schools. We offer this platform to teachers so that items, ideas and projects that were not included in the budget have an opportunity to be supported by the community.

  • Grants for teachers, schools, and student projects.

  • Celebrate educators who make outstanding contributions to the support and improvement of public education.

  • Do you have an idea for project and have run out of avenues for funding? Tell us about your project and we'll see how we can help.

  • This celebration honors educators and students who make a positive difference in their school communities. The winners (one educator and one student per school) are nominated by their schools and receive recognition for how they inspire those around them.

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Fund Administrators

Have you received funds from the funds listed above? If so help us thank your donors that made it happen. 

Year-Round Support for Teachers

At the Foundation for LPS we work to find ways so all students reach their full potential. One of the best ways to accomplish that is by supporting our teachers. 

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