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Todd Francis Science Enhancement Funds

About the Scholarship

The Todd Francis Creative Research Grants were initiated in 1991 as a memorial to Todd Francis's passion in science, language, and the humanities. Over 80 projects have been funded, involving over 200 students and 27 faculty members.

Applying for the Award

Application Open: Coming soon
Award Amount: Scholarships typically range from $200–$500

Selection Process: Support will be provided for projects that stimulate creativity, and involve actions that benefit society. Students are encouraged to think about a topic, do preliminary research, and develop a budget (maximum is negotiable, and typically in the range of $200–$500). Once submitted the proposal will be discussed with the student's faculty advisor, who will make any necessary adjustments or suggestions and then be sent on to the selection committee.

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Grant Application
About Your Project
Briefly describe your idea or research project. Include what you want to accomplish and why.
List 1-3 goals for your research project/learning opportunity.
Briefly describe your research method.
Outline the intended application of your results.
Provide a budget breakdown for the project.
Project Advisor
Student applicants, please list the email of a LPS teacher who is willing to act as your advisor on this project so that we may contact them for a brief statement of support.

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