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Marie Bourke Leadership Award Nomination

Who is Eligible:

To be eligible for nomination, individual must be a current principal and emerging leader in Lincoln Public Schools.


  • Communicates a vision of what the school can become that inspires others
  • Provides leadership of students, staff and community towards a shared vision
  • Creates significant opportunities for participation, shared decision-making, and leadership development by staff and students
  • Encourages community participation and involvement through meaningful partnerships and leadership roles
  • Structures the school for achievement
  • Demonstrates improvement in student achievement
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Based on the criteria (above), why do you feel this person should be considered for the Marie Bourke Leadership Award?

What is the nominee’s school’s vision, and how has the nominee demonstrated successful sharing of that vision through students, staff and community members? Share specific examples of ways this vision has been implemented and has become part of the school culture.

Describe the ways in which the principal has created shared leadership and participation by staff and community members. What projects or initiatives started by the nominee have been most successful in terms of shared leadership opportunities and what made them so successful? How have lessons learned impacted forward progress?

Explain how the principal has impacted student achievement in their school over the past three years. What about the principal’s approach is innovative, student-centered, and sustainable? How has the principal engaged the school community in these efforts? Please share demonstrated improvements in student achievement during the principal's tenure.

What impact does the nominee’s leadership have on other leaders in the school or district? How does this leader work to empower teachers, students, parents and other staff to become leaders?

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