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Homeless Student Assistance - Tyler

As a senior in high school two weeks away from graduation, instead of being carefree and excited, Tyler was scared and worried. He felt like his whole life was going down the drain. His home life had never been a warm, loving experience, but he had always had somewhere to lay his head. Recently, his family life had deteriorated; he had been kicked out of the house and due to safety concerns, could not return home.  

When his school found out about the challenges he faced, they worked with the Foundation to find a safe place for him to stay until he left for college. He even had help filling out his FAFSA and claiming independent status, so he could receive financial support to get him through college. Many students are not in the physical custody of a legal parent or guardian, and with help from our donors, resources are available to help these students stay in school and find safe, stable homes so they can go on to future success.

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