Through our Fund-A-Need program, your gifts make incredible opportunities for students by funding field trips outside the classroom, by providing technology to teach students with creative approaches and meeting classroom needs in many other ways. Anyone can make a difference today.


How It Works

The Fund-A-Need program is a unique way to connect our generous community with the teachers and students in need. Teachers submit proposals for the needs in their classrooms that tax dollars can’t cover—these needs can range from new textbooks to a field trip to the Henry Doorley Zoo to musical instruments. We post the needs on our website and Facebook page so donors like you can give to the areas of greatest need in our district.

Fund-A-Need receives and reviews proposals from Lincoln Public Schools teachers who want their students to have an experience for which the school does not offer funding.


Now’s your chance! You can directly impact students by meeting their classroom needs. Click here to review Fund-A-Need proposal options



Have a classroom need? Fill out a one-page online form describing your need and the cost to make it happen. (Include 7.25% sales tax if you or the Foundation for Lincoln Public Schools will make the purchase.)

Use these examples to help you write your proposal. SEE EXAMPLE. Also see TOOLKIT for other information.


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LPS Music

Your gifts will help purchase equipment needed in PANgea, a steel drum band in Lincoln Public Schools.

PANgea was founded in 2003 by LPS music educator John Scofield. It is the only group of its kind in Nebraska and serves as an ambassador for LPS, performing at many different events in the Lincoln community. The group gives percussionists throughout LPS enriching musical experiences that they would not find otherwise in a traditional concert band setting. Members of the 2016-2017 group represent all high schools and nine middle schools from LPS. The group meets for rehearsals once a week on Saturday mornings starting in November through the end of the school year.

PANgea’s equipment was originally purchased with a combination of funds from the Foundation for Lincoln Public Schools and the LPS music department. There is not an annual budget for this group; money received from performances covers our operational costs (tuning, truck and rental fees, etc.) and not much more. We are seeking funds to replace lead and guitar steel pans.

  • Gary Shuda

    Gary Shuda

    Director -- PANgea

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Elephant and Piggie

West Lincoln Elementary School

The first graders at West Lincoln Elementary were lucky this year to receive free tickets to the Lied Center to see the play, Elephant and Piggie’s “We are in a Play!” on February 22, 2017. We are very excited because we do not get yearly field trips in first grade. Sixty-nine first grade students will be introduced, and a few reintroduced, to the Lied Center and to the arts! Hopefully after the field trip the students will go home and talk about it and spark an interest/curiosity in their families; in turn they will want to experience the Lied Center and arts as well.

We have been reading every Elephant and Piggie book that we can find and the students are growing eager to see the play. Seeing a book come alive in a play is going to be so magical and unforgettable to the students.

Unfortunately, buses are in high demand the day of the play. We have 69 free tickets to the Lied but no way to get there. Our students would love this opportunity and we as teachers would love to provide it to them.

  • Nuru Roach

    Nuru Roach

    First grade teacher

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Unified Bowling

North Star High School

North Star High School just began their Unified Bowling team this year. It was a great success and something that will only grow in the future. Because of this we will need more equipment to accommodate our growing team. We also have many players whose families struggle financially and this could be a huge help to them to allow their kids to be successful. Your gifts will purchase basic bowling equipment, including bowling balls, ball bags and towels.

This season we had 12 kids out for our team but hopefully that number will increase next year (the number of students on a team will vary depending on how many students can qualify as athletes for the team). Unified bowling encompasses student leadership, character, community involvement and respect for others' skills and abilities. Respect is a huge piece for Unified Bowling. Students who normally wouldn't have the same classes or be involved in the same groups are now paired up and must learn to work with one another.

  • Ben Davis

    Ben Davis

    Head Bowling Coach

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Southwest Collaboration

Southwest High School

Your gift will help create a Collaborative Learning Area in the Southwest Media Center and equip it with a 50-inch computer monitor and a large, mobile whiteboard. Next year, for the first time, each of our students is going to have a Chromebook as part of the District's 1:1 initiative and I would like the LSW Media Center to be on the cutting-edge of helping them get the most from their devices. By providing them with the space and equipment necessary to work in collaborative learning groups, I believe we are supporting the District's goal of creating students who are "21st Century Ready."

The 50-inch monitor will be hung on a wall in the Collaborative Learning Area so students can plug a Chromebook into it and work as a group from a single, large screen to create presentations or projects or view class materials. The mobile whiteboard will also be housed in the same area and will be available to students to use as a place to brainstorm and record ideas and organize a group plan.

  • Michelle Schnell

    Michelle Schnell

    Media specialist

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