Through our Fund-A-Need program, your gifts make incredible opportunities for students by funding field trips outside the classroom, by providing technology to teach students with creative approaches and meeting classroom needs in many other ways. Anyone can make a difference today.


How It Works

The Fund-A-Need program is a unique way to connect our generous community with the teachers and students in need. Teachers submit proposals for the needs in their classrooms that tax dollars can’t cover—these needs can range from new textbooks to a field trip to the Henry Doorley Zoo to musical instruments. We post the needs on our website and Facebook page so donors like you can give to the areas of greatest need in our district.

Fund-A-Need receives and reviews proposals from Lincoln Public Schools teachers who want their students to have an experience for which the school does not offer funding.


Now’s your chance! You can directly impact students by meeting their classroom needs.

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Have a classroom need? Fill out a one-page online form describing your need and the cost to make it happen. (Include 7.25% sales tax if you or the Foundation for Lincoln Public Schools will make the purchase.)

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Stock Market

North Star High School

Each year I like to expose students to the stock market through The Stock Market Game. It allows students to buy and sell stocks daily and compete against students in Lincoln Public Schools and students across Nebraska. It also allows students to work in teams developing communication skills and leadership skills when working with teammates on what stocks to buy or sell. It also enhances their knowledge about the stock market and brings a competitive atmosphere to economics that students would not have the opportunity without the stock market game.

In Nebraska the stock market game is run by the Nebraska Economic Council at the University of Nebraska. Students are given $100,000 dollars at the beginning to invest in the stock market. Over the course of the game students either gain or lose money based on their team decisions and knowledge of stocks they bought. Students are then ranked in their region and state based on the success of their investments. Students are also quizzed and tested over key terms and ideas about the stock market game and check-in weekly with how successful they are in investing.

  • Matthew Harris

    Matthew Harris

    Social studies teacher

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Civil War Garb

Lefler Middle School

The Civil War is coming to Lefler! All 220 eighth grade students at Lefler are participating in this Civil War research project. Students are researching a high-interest topic, writing a script to tell the story of their topic, painting a mural as a backdrop and creating props to illustrate their story. All of this culminates on March 30 when the Lefler cafeteria, halls and gyms will be transformed into battlefields, field hospitals, meeting halls for ladies aid groups, cemeteries, draft offices and military forts.

This project brings out the talents of all of our students -- students who have a flair for drama enjoy the acting, kids who enjoy books thrive in the research element, students who are artists get to use their talent creating murals and props. It really is a great way to see all of our students shine. All students are required to wear a simple costume and I would like to have more costumes available for students whose parents cannot help them create one. My plan is to find clothes at thrift stores and turn them into Civil War Era clothing. For example, I can buy a men's suit coat in blue or gray and with new gold buttons, some gold or red brocade, the blue or gray suit coat is transformed into an officer's jacket.

  • Becky Boswell

    Becky Boswell

    Social studies teacher

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Coding Caterpillars

Fredstrom Elementary School

Fredstrom Elementary School is asking for funds to create four makerspace kits to be used with our kindergarten and first grade students.

Each makerspace kit will include one Code-A-Pillar, which is a learning toy that inspires our youngest learners to be big thinkers by arranging and rearranging the caterpillar's segments in endless combinations. This learning toy encourages experimentation while developing important skills like problem solving, planning and sequencing, and critical thinking. This toy helps develop beginning computer coding skills as students engage in hands-on discovery that helps them become lifelong learners. These kits would be used by our 79 kindergartners and 81 first graders.

  • Michele Sleight

    Michele Sleight


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Science Quiz Bowl

Schoo Middle School

Your gift will allow Schoo to purchase a two-team buzzer system, similar to what is used at the Nebraska State Quiz Bowl Competition. Our students will practice with this buzzer system. Our team practices once a week during the fall and winter. We have had a science quiz bowl team at Schoo for six years, and at this time our school does not have one of these systems to use during practice. During competitions, students answer questions using a quiz bowl buzzer system. Having a buzzer system will allow our students to gain confidence in answering questions quickly, and will give them the chance to properly practice competing against each other and other LPS schools.

Last year, our science quiz bowl team participated at the state level in the Nebraska Science Bowl, and did well. Our returning members are excited for what this next school year could bring, and our graduating members are planning on joining the quiz bowls teams at their respective high schools. Over the course of the year, our students have gained confidence in understanding complex science topics, and have determined topics of science that interest them. Thank you for your support!

See what else happens in Ms. Wehner's science class.

  • Jessica Wehner

    Jessica Wehner

    Science Teacher

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