Through our Fund-A-Need program, your gifts make incredible opportunities for students by funding field trips outside the classroom, by providing technology to teach students with creative approaches and meeting classroom needs in many other ways. Anyone can make a difference today.


How It Works

The Fund-A-Need program is a unique way to connect our generous community with the teachers and students in need. Teachers submit proposals for the needs in their classrooms that tax dollars can’t cover—these needs can range from new textbooks to a field trip to the Henry Doorley Zoo to musical instruments. We post the needs on our website and Facebook page so donors like you can give to the areas of greatest need in our district.

Fund-A-Need receives and reviews proposals from Lincoln Public Schools teachers who want their students to have an experience for which the school does not offer funding.


Now’s your chance! You can directly impact students by meeting their classroom needs.

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Have a classroom need? Fill out a one-page online form describing your need and the cost to make it happen. (Include 7.25% sales tax if you or the Foundation for Lincoln Public Schools will make the purchase.)

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Huntington Elementary School

A variety of fifth grade students at Huntington have the opportunity to participate in the Young Men's and Women's empowerment clubs. We focus on building leadership, character, and responsibility by providing experiences that offer students the opportunity to reflect, set goals, and learn how to build these valuable traits.

Students are encouraged to set themselves apart by dressing for success on days we meet as a club. They participate in community service projects and go on field trips around the community. Overall, these students have impact and are mentored in such a way that empowers them to build their leadership and character skills for the betterment of their community.

Your gifts will provide formal dress apparel for students in addition to a variety of field trip opportunities that students would otherwise not experience.

  • Rik Devney

    Rik Devney


We have raised $0.00 of our goal.


Celebrate Diversity

North Star High School

We would like to recognize the diversity of our students and help all students feel connected with their school community.

In an effort to do so, we would like to put on a cultural fair for students and staff to learn about the various cultures and languages represented at our school. One item we would like to offer students is a shirt that represents everyone in our school. T-shirts like this can be expensive, and so many of our students are unable to purchase them. We would like to be able to subsidize the cost of the shirts as well as pay for supplies that students will need to put on the cultural fair -- such as trifold boards, art supplies, printing services, etc.

  • Becky Ives

    Becky Ives

    ELL teacher

We have raised $20.00 of our goal.



Saratoga Elementary School

Saratoga students have done the heavy lifting, now they need your help for the remaining $228. To celebrate and to continue learning through the last day of elementary school, Saratoga’s 50 fifth graders will take a field trip to Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo. To maximize this experience, we would like for them to see a documentary at the zoo’s Lozier IMAX Theater. The IMAX experience will allow students to explore new worlds and ideas in places they are not able to physically go.

The majority of Saratoga students live in poverty, and for many of them it will be their first trip to the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo. We would love to offer them the opportunity to also have the unique experience of watching a documentary in the IMAX theater. It will give them inspiration as well as a great send-off to middle school.

  • Crystal Strasburg

    Crystal Strasburg

    Fifth grade teacher

We have raised $228.00 of our goal.


Science Quiz Bowl

Schoo Middle School

Your gift will allow Schoo to purchase a two-team buzzer system, similar to what is used at the Nebraska State Quiz Bowl Competition. Our students will practice with this buzzer system. Our team practices once a week during the fall and winter. We have had a science quiz bowl team at Schoo for six years, and at this time our school does not have one of these systems to use during practice. During competitions, students answer questions using a quiz bowl buzzer system. Having a buzzer system will allow our students to gain confidence in answering questions quickly, and will give them the chance to properly practice competing against each other and other LPS schools.

Last year, our science quiz bowl team participated at the state level in the Nebraska Science Bowl, and did well. Our returning members are excited for what this next school year could bring, and our graduating members are planning on joining the quiz bowls teams at their respective high schools. Over the course of the year, our students have gained confidence in understanding complex science topics, and have determined topics of science that interest them. Thank you for your support!

See what else happens in Ms. Wehner's science class.

  • Jessica Wehner

    Jessica Wehner

    Science Teacher

We have raised $0.00 of our goal.